The Sentinel Martingale collars are made with a small chain loop that is custom sized to fit your dog's neck. These training and safety collars are specifically designed to prevent dogs from backing out of or slipping from their collar, making them ideal for dogs who are still leash training, skittish, or who just need a little more control on walks. The chain loop tightens when tension is placed on it, but stops before choking the dog, so the collar can be used for light corrections using leash pressure.  Featuring a buckle, tail holder, and D-ring, this half-check collar is adjustable and has plenty of room for identification tags and safety lights. 

We also offer The Sentry, a non-adjustable, custom-sized version of The Sentinel!

Disclaimer: Slip and martingale collars are training tools and should not be left on the dog when unsupervised. 

The Sentinel

Martingale Collar

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