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A variation of a traditional lead, The Kinetic gives you extra control over your dog with a strategically placed traffic handle.

  • Every-day use
  • Waterproof, stain-resistant, scent-proof
  • Traffic handle for keeping your dog in close while walking
    • For small dogs: request the handle moved higher so it's easier to reach by typing "Small dog handle" in your order notes.
  • D-ring near the handle for attaching items like poop bag holders, keys, or flashlights
  • O-ring on the handle for clipping the leash over your shoulder when not in use
  • Add-ons available:
    • Nameplate - 1 or 2 lines
      • 1/2" nameplates (only 1-line available) are used on 1/2" products.
      • 3/4" nameplates are used for 1-line nameplates on 3/4" or 1" products.
      • 3/4" nameplates are used for 2-line nameplates on 3/4" products.
      • 1" nameplates are used for 2-line namesplates on 1" products.


Pair your collar with The Latitude for a perfect set.

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    The Kinetic

    Traffic Lead

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