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Width: 1"
Size: 17"
Color: Apricot
Hardware: Antique Brass

Lead training is a cinch with The Impulse slip collar, part of The Polaris Training Collection. Providing control and pressure communication, slip collars are ideal for dogs that are prone to bolting or trying to back out of their collars. With tension applied to the lead, the collar will tighten to provide leash pressure to your dog. When tension is released, the collar will loosen again. The Impulse Slip Collar features a strategically placed D-ring for hanging anything from tags to a safety light.

Disclaimer: Slip and martingale collars should only be used while walking on lead and can present a choking hazard if left on without supervision.

The Impulse (Width: 1" | Size: 17.5")

Slip Collar

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