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A staple for any dog owner, The Impulse is simple, sleek, and easily slips over the head. Commonly used for leash training, slip collars provide control and pressure communication, with the added safety of preventing escape.

  • For leash walking and training*
  • Waterproof, stain-resistant, scent-proof
  • Brass slide for attaching tags
  • Slips easily over the head
  • Add-ons available:
    • Nameplate - 1 or 2 lines
      • 1/2" nameplates (only 1-line available) are used on 1/2" products.
      • 3/4" nameplates are used for 1-line nameplates on 3/4" or 1" products.
      • 3/4" nameplates are used for 2-line nameplates on 3/4" products.
      • 1" nameplates are used for 2-line namesplates on 1" products.


Pair your collar with The Kinetic traffic lead to make walking a cinch.

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*Disclaimer: Slip and martingale collars should only be used while walking on lead and can present a choking hazard if left on without supervision.

The Impulse

Slip Collar

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