Constellation Color Reference

Flexibility, versatility, and durability align in The Constellation Eurolead - the last lead you will ever need with 8+ uses that are only limited by your imagination. Our favorite uses include: 

  • Full-sized 6, 7, or 8 foot drag line (nothing clipped)
  • Long traditional lead (handle clipped to closest D-ring)
  • Medium traditional lead (handle clipped to large O-ring)
  • Short traditional lead (handle clipped to lowest D-ring)
  • Slip lead (bottom snap clipped to floating tab)
    • can be used with either long, medium, or short traditional lead style
  • Hands-free over-the-shoulder (handle clipped to large O-ring)
  • Quick-tether lead (easily clip to tie out your dog)
  • Dual control lead (clip one snap to collar and the other to harness/prong collar/gentle leader/etc)
  • Two dog lead (thread one end through the large O-ring and clip each end to a different dog)
Our original, unique design allows you to up to 5 color choices for the ultimate one-of-a-kind lead; make it as unique as you are!

    The Constellation


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