Our Philosophy

Trek Dog hand crafts every item in their home state of Rhode Island.  Despite being based in the smallest state, Trek Dog has big aspirations.

Whenever possible we purchase our products from other local, American companies.  Our sand-casted, solid brass hardware comes from Massachusetts.  Our unique, leather-like webbing comes from Ohio.  Our eco-friendly, recyclable, and bio-degradable packaging comes from Colorado.  

Trash Trek Initiative

Trek Dog believes that taking care of the environment is a community effort, which is why we have started the Trash Trek initiative.  We invite and challenge everyone to do what they can and come up with novel ways of protecting our environment and reversing the negative effects we have made on it. Any time you go out, whether it be on a hike with your four-legged companion, a stroll through the park, or on your commute to work; bring a bag and pick up whatever trash you find.  And always remember, carry out what you carry in!