Our Origins

Every group of friends talks about starting a business at some point. Well, we actually did it. Before it was Trek Dog, it was an idea bounced around in the woods of Rhode Island. We hike almost every day with our dogs - don't get me wrong, we aren't crazy mountaineers (props to you if you are), but we get our steps in! After every hike, our dogs are either shuttled to the nearest self-scrub dog wash or to our unlucky bathtubs and sometimes their gear needed more scrubbing than them (try getting rotting fish out of a nylon collar). We decided it was time to find products that could stand up to our crazy adventures, but we took it a step further and decided to make them ourselves. With our striking designs, high quality materials, and permanent personalization, we knew we were onto something. We created Trek Dog for everyone - whether your idea of adventure includes 4000ft peaks, overnight camping, "glamping," boating, taking a walk, exploring dog-friendly pubs, or watching Planet Earth, we have something for you and your dog!