What if I don’t see what I’m looking for?

We are all about making a product you will love.  While we can't guarantee that we can support any custom product request we will do our best to accommodate what you have in mind within the limits of the material and hardware we carry.  Custom orders are subject to a $10 customization fee + the cost of any additional materials needed to make your order.


Do you sell retail?

We are open to retail opportunities on a case by case basis! Please reach out to us with the following information: your location/other relevant business information, products you’re interested in selling, profit sharing, and minimum quantity requirements.

Do you sell wholesale?

Sorry, at this time we do not offer wholesale opportunities.

Are you looking for Brand Ambassadors?

We are always open to working with people who are as excited about our products as we are! Contact us at info@trek.dog if you’re interested in becoming part of our pack.

Do you make products for other species?

We have a few lines in the works for cats, horses, and even humans! If you have an idea and want to see if we can make it, just shoot us a message.

SOS, my dogs are filthy! How do I clean my gear?

Dirt and grime from everyday wear-and-tear will wash clean with soap and warm water! On hikes, we sometimes just dunk our leads in water and they come out clean! For more stubborn spots, a quick wipe down with rubbing alcohol will take care of them!

    Will the hardware rust or tarnish?

    We use sand-cast solid brass hardware, which will never rust (unlike stainless steel or iron). Since the hardware pieces are solid, not welded, they are much more sturdy than a. It is normal for the hardware to tarnish or patina, however this may be removed with normal metal polishing techniques and does not affect the integrity of the metal.