Our Pack

Lilian, Kodiak, & Delta

Hey #TrekNation, I’m one of our creators, Lilian. I’m a 4th year veterinary student at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine and, while I currently live in Philadelphia, I’m originally from Rhode Island! I enjoy hiking with my dogs, reading (mainly Harry Potter), photography, video games, weightlifting, and SLEEPING! I have two dogs, Kodiak and Delta, who are part of the inspiration for Trek Dog. Kodiak, also known as Kodnado or Kod the Toad, is the most stubborn, go-your-own-way, energizer-bunny dog in the world. He’s the handsomest man in all the land, the connoisseur of crunchies (treats), and the surveyor of sticks. Delta is the newest member of our pack and she couldn’t be more opposite from Kodiak. She is EXTREMELY food motivated and stares at you unnervingly if she thinks you have snacks that she might enjoy (see also: all of them). She is so smart that she learns tricks faster than I can think of new ones to teach her. We all hike or do some sort of physical activity for a couple hours every day. I hope to inspire people to get out with their dogs and explore the world, as well as motivate people to keep their dogs (and themselves) healthy! In my very limited free time, I will be writing some blog posts on training and cool veterinary medical, behavioral, and nutritional research I’ve been reading, so keep an eye out for those!

Nicholas, Luna, & Griffin

Hey everyone! I'm Nick, one of the creators of Trek Dog. For the past few years I've been working for the US Navy as a computer scientist. I have a masters in Computer Science and a graduate certificate in Digital Forensics from the University of Rhode Island. While I'm a nerd at heart and enjoy programming, video games, and photography; my passion is truly in exploring the world around us, hiking, and training my dogs (I'm by no means a professional but it's a hobby I love!). I've always had dogs growing up but it wasn't until we rescued our German Shepherd, Tasha, that my interest in dog training began. Tasha had been abused and was fearful of men. While she never fully got over it she did regain her confidence over several years and we had developed a strong bond through training and competing in AKC obedience and agility. During graduate school, I got Luna, my ever so slightly neurotic, Czech working line German Shepherd, with the intentions of training and competing with her in a protection and obedience sport through the Protection Sports Association (did I mention she was slightly neurotic?). Although I wonder what's going through that head of hers at times, Luna (or Looney Tunes, Luna-tic, etc.) is extremely intelligent and good-natured. More recently, I adopted Griffin, a husky-mix who has the most personality I've ever seen in a dog. It's thanks to Luna and Griffin that I've made the friendships I have and were able to meet Lilian and Zac. The three of us are all extremely active and hope that through Trek Dog we can help share and inspire our passions for animals and nature with everyone else.

Zachary & Buckley

Hey guys! I’m Zac, a co-creator of Trek Dog. I’ve worked for a great family-run company doing sales, marketing and social media for the past 12 years. I’m a proud Rhode Islander, born and raised in the Ocean State. Despite living in the smallest state, I’ve strived to explore and travel as much as possible. I’m a lover of live music, stand-up comedy, breweries and new restaurants. Five years ago I was presented with the chance to give a much-needed home to a puppy; into my life came Buckley. He has now grown into a barrel chested, strong as an ox, mixed breed dog that has an obsession for swimming, rolling in anything foul smelling, and tennis balls - catching tennis balls, chasing tennis balls ... did I mention he loves tennis balls? Since Buckley came into my life I’ve had a revitalized passion, and compassion, for not only dogs, but all animals. In my spare time I’ve worked with a number of animal rescues and volunteered with many local shelters. When approached by Lilian and Nick about Trek Dog, I knew that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work alongside these two incredibly smart, hardworking individuals that have a fervent love of dogs and are enthusiasts of the outdoors. These are traits that we strive to exemplify through our products - hoping to motivate others to get out and explore themselves! With this new adventure, I’m excited for the opportunity to bring you and your pup the best handcrafted leads and collars available, all made in Rhode Island! #ShopLocal